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House Hockey Program

House Registration Will Go Live 5/6!!

House Skates will start mid September

More information to follow!!




      2024-25 House Fees

      Mighty Mites (JR FALCONS) $900.00

                           Mites (JR FALCONS) $1550             

               Squirts             $2000

               Peewees           $2000

                 Bantams           $2200


2024-25 House League Season

As we anxiously await the start of our House League Season, I wanted to take a moment to personally welcome back all returning families and also welcome the new families to our Falcons Hockey program. We looking forward to a normal season after working though the pandemic last fall and spring!

Please note- full equipment is required for all preseason skates (see link at bottom of page for equipment list) and the player must be registered for the season.

Training (evaluation) Camps will provide our hockey staff with the opportunity to properly evaluate the kids in order to select balanced and competitive teams. We will then go right into team practices and games. Please do your best to attend the training camps as it will give our staff the ability to create balanced teams.  

Your one registration fee takes care of all preseason training camps. Once you are registered for the season you are all set.  All training camps, and regular season games/practices are included in the one-time registration.

Following training camps we will have an opening day skate to meet your team and coaches.  The rosters for all teams will be posted on our website after training camps end.  

Following team selections, the coaches for each team will be contacting the parents to introduce themselves. Each team Coach will also be advising when we will have a short parent meeting for each team.   Each team will additionally have 1 team manager for all communications during the season.  The Coach and/or Manager will be reviewing the season schedule and answer any questions you may have at that time.  Please note these times are subject to change so please continue to check the Falcons' website weekly.

2024–25 Falcon House Season - Goalie Discount Policy
Families with a full-time regular goalie that supply their own equipment (Squirt, Peewee or Bantam) in the 2024-2025 Falcons hockey season will be eligible to receive a $250 discount against their paid fees.  Discounts will be confirmed for qualifying players at mid-season and will be issued via credit card refund the week of Jan 9th.


Director. The House League is under the direction of Efren Heredia, Vice President-House League in conjunction with the Director of Hockey, Tom Miller. The Directors are responsible for the development, organization, and supervision of on-ice hockey programs. They are also responsible for directing the activities of the Staff Professionals and parents appointed as Coaches, and team representatives.

Coaches. House League teams are coached by volunteer parents selected by the Vice President-House League and the Director of Hockey. Each team usually has a head-coach and an assistant. Coaches usually coach their own child’s team.  Bantam teams will  have staff professional coaching the teams.  Coaches are requested to register with USA Hockey as volunteers, attend coaching clinics that are conducted during the season, Go through the new NCSI screening process and complete SafeSport.  If you would like to coach, please contact  Efren Heredia. Please keep in mind that coaching youth sports is a privilege and the goals of Falcon’s House Hockey are to teach the skills of hockey, sportsmanship and to foster a love of the game.

Player Placement/Team Size. 

Mite – Pee Wee Age: After evaluation of the skills of each player by the Staff Professionals, players are placed onto teams. Skaters are rated based on their ability and teams are selected such that we create team parity at the beginning of the season. The size and number of teams in each age level will depend on the number of skaters participating each year. Ideally, each team would consist of 12-16 players.

Bantam Age Players:   Our Goal will always to have a second team this season as we have had in the past.  In the event we do not get to 26 combined players we will be limiting our House Bantam Program to the first 12 skaters who enroll in our program.  Please enroll as quickly as you can.  We will reach out September 4 to let everyone know where we are at and where your player is at on the list.  Please sign up early to ensure your spot for the season.

Team Parent/Manager. Each House League team will have a Team Parent/Manager. The responsibilities of the Team Parent include: communications between the coaches and the players, organizing and overseeing team functions, including team photos, team parties, and the Falcons’ fundraisers. Please advise Efren Heredia if you would like to be a Team Parent.

Player Registration:

Please register your player on the Falcons Registration Site for the 2024-25 Season to guarantee your child a spot.  Falcons is an open program and is a first come first served program.  Registration can close at any time as we reach maximum enrollment.

Also, note that you will need to obtain an AAU (for Mite levels) or USA Hockey registration number (Squirt through Bantam) prior to registering your player. This is not a Falcons Rule but one imposed by AAU and USA Hockey. Your player will not be permitted on the ice for any clinics or tryouts without this registration.

 Age Categories:
We will be fielding teams in the following age division for the upcoming season:

Age Division

Birth Year

Mighty Mites

2018 and younger

Super Mites








No child will be allowed to play in a different age division without a letter authorizing so from the Director of Hockey, Tom Miller. 

PLEASE NOTE - Legal body checking in games 14+Under (Bantam) applies for the House League Bantam level as well

Additional info is available via

If you have any questions, please see the above contact list and contact the appropriate House Board Member.  Thank you again for participating in the Falcon program and I look forward to meeting you and your kids throughout the year.

For House League Questions contact;

Efren Heredia

VP House


USA Hockey is requiring the use of neck laceration protection for players in all age classifications, other than adults, in games and practices, as well as for on-ice officials under the age of 18, effective August 1, 2024. For clarity, the requirement includes players in the youth, girls and junior age classifications.

Here is the link for more information

House League FAQs

When does the House Season Start?
Our season will begin with Open Hockey for Mighty Mites, Super Mites, Squirts, Peewees and Bantams mid-September,  Regular Season for Squirts, Peewees and Bantams starts mid-October.  Squirts and Pee Wees will play in the Green Bay Trail Hockey League (GBTHL) and Bantams will play in the North Shore Youth Hockey League(NSYHL). Half of the games will be at Home and Half of the Games will be on the road.  The road games for are as far south in Evanston or as far North as Pleasant Prairie.  Regular Season for Mighty Mites and Super Mites starts in October and will be played locally either at Hot Shots Ice Arena, Centennial Ice Arena, Lake Forest Academy, and/or Lake Forest College.

Once the complete schedule has been finalized it will be posted on the calendar website and via link at top of this page.

What days are the practices and games?
Regular team practices and games are Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.  Bantams may practice Thursday as well.

When does the season end?
The season concludes with the Falcons Super Championship Weekend in mid-March, House playoff games are held on a variety of weekends and weekdays. PLEASE NOTE - All teams make the playoffs and to accommodate this large number of participants there will be games on weeknights during the playoffs - at all levels.  Squirts, Peewees and Bantams also participate in GBTHL & NSYHL playoffs. However, we do not have details of the NSYHL plans yet. Last year we did not receive those details until early February. Typically the playoffs run from mid-February to mid-March.

My son/daughter is just starting out – is there a place for him/ her?
Absolutely! The goals of the House Program are to have fun and to learn the game of hockey. Everyone is welcomed!

Equipment?  What about Equipment??
Please see the link at the bottom of the page to download an Equipment Checklist

Does everyone play equally? What if my son/daughter is not as good as other kids?
As above, the goals of our House program are to have fun and learn this great game. Our philosophy is that all the kids play equally.

Is there an opportunity for additional ice time throughout the season?
Depending upon ice availability we look forward to having power skating and/or open hockey throughout the season – again depending on ice availability.

Is there a House Multi-Player Discount Policy
Families with three or more participants in the 2020-2021 Falcon hockey season will receive a $250 discount against their paid fees. The discount will be allocated at checkout upon registration of 3 players.

Can I sign up my child with a friend?
Our goal is to make equally balanced and competitive teams. As a result, not all requests may be met.

Can I help with the Falcons?
Yes! The Falcons are a volunteer run organization and we are always looking for good people to help. If you have an interest in assisting you may contact Efren Heredia at

Where can I get additional information on the House program?
You may contact Efren Heredia directly at



1- Equal ice time for all – no short bench – everyone must play.  Teams may put out who they want in the last minute and a half or so – but that is it.

2- Communicate and Be Prepared!- Make sure your players and parents know your expectations for every practice and game.

3- Be present in the locker room – if at all possible, two adults should be present. Do not tolerate ill behavior from the kids. We must provide a safe environment. You can take ice time away for bad behavior.

4- Sharing of players is not allowed unless you have less than 10 skaters.  Please contact Efren Heredia or Tom Miller and we will assist in finding additional players.

Our House organizational goals are to teach, have fun and provide a safe environment. I’m sure each and every one of you would be very disappointed to learn of a player not coming back to hockey because of a bad experience with you as the coach.

Any questions regarding coaching - please do not hesitate to contact Efren Heredia, VP of House directly.